Five Secrets to Giving Better Gifts

05 January, 2017

Five Secrets to Giving Better Gifts

Seeing that everyone isn't equally talented when it comes to giving great gifts, we thought we would share a few ideas to help make gift-giving a walk in the park.

  1. Get organized

Get a perpetual calendar and make a note of all the important dates you’ll need to remember for the year - birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Hang it up where you’ll see it so that you’ll be reminded of upcoming events. For special days like Christmas, when you’ll need to give more than one gift, make a list of everyone you’ll need to buy presents for. This will help prevent last-minute, rushed and thoughtless gifts.

  1. It’s the thought that counts

This one sounds a little cliché but read on and you’ll see what we mean. The best way to make someone feel special is to give them a gift that lets them know that you’ve thought about their unique personality. Try to think about what the person enjoys. What are their favorite pastimes or hobbies? What are their favorite foods? What makes them happy? Perhaps give something that is a reminder of a happy memory that you share. Put a little thought into it and you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, the easiest way to know exactly what someone wants is simply taking note of the things they mention in conversation. With most ladies it’s really easy, we often point things out that we would love to own…that new perfume, a pretty purse or our favorite chocolate

  1. Timing is everything 

For some reason the chances of finding something at the mall when you’re actively looking for it seems infinitely smaller than when you’re not looking for it at all. Unfortunately, this means if you’re trying to find a birthday gift the day before you need to give it, you’re probably going to end up buying something generic like a gift card. Here’s our easy solution: get in the habit of keeping an eye out for gifts all year long, even when you don’t need them right away. If you see that recipe book you know your friend will love, then by all means get it. We know it’ll be hard to keep it a secret for longer, but it’ll be worth it when you give a gift that your friend will love.

  1. Sometimes you don’t need to be practical

Guys, take note, this one is for you. We know men are from Mars, but do you really need to be so practical all the time? Here’s our simple trick to help you steer clear of this gifting faux pas: try and give a gift that the person really wants, not something that you think they should have. Whatever you do, don’t get your wife an arbitrary kitchen appliance for her birthday or your wedding anniversary. Show her how much you care by spoiling her with dinner at her favourite restaurant, a spa treatment or a beautiful necklace. We know none of those things fall under the necessities of life, but treating her to something special will mean so much more than any practical gift you could get.

  1. Presentation is key

Everyone knows the golden rule for buying property is location, yet surprisingly, not that many people know the golden rule for gift giving. Well, we’re here to spill the beans with our last secret to giving the best gifts: half the enjoyment of the present is in the presentation. Make the gift take their breath away before they even open it. If you don't have the skills to wrap something beautifully, get some help. Just make your gift look gorgeous! On that note, don't forget to add a card with words from the heart; to some people this might even mean more than the gift itself.

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